Open letter to IOM

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„Dem sie den Kiefer eintraten, der hatte nach Brot gefragt.
Dem sie das Brot versprochen, auf den machen sie jetzt Jagd.
Und den sie im Zinksarg bringen, der hat die Wahrheit gesagt“

(Ernst Busch – Klassenfeind)

1. I applied for a working student position as a data analyst at IOM Nuremberg in spring 2018 during a Sociology Masters with Statistics (as well as Critical Theory/Frankfurt School) focus. I mentioned that I would like to write situation reports at IOM in the future. After this, Dirk Pohlmann, who I had never spoken to before, insulted me over the internet and said only disabled people would apply to the CIA. This was in the spring of 2018, could someone have misinterpreted Situation Reports?

(Addition to the E-Mail: Meanwhile, the video description and the content of the video have been changed. For example, the video description said that the Nazis hated high culture, whereas I had previously written in a seminar paper (!) about Ernst Fraenkel’s theory of the Dual-State and Carl Schmitt’s work on the „Ausnahmezustand“: If you want to create high culture, you have to fight against it. The fight against tradition was certainly the birth moment of any high culture, but I may be wrong. Apparently, someone wanted to misunderstand something.)

2. I was sincere about my application as a student worker at the time and asked again a few weeks later if there was any interest in me as an applicant. No answer, however, a woman from IOM who pretended to have graduated from school with me (I knew only a handful of people by name and since I was at the Gymnasium for only 3 years, she was not known to me) contacted me and sent me a bachelor thesis in the Russian language, which was submitted to a Russian university (I’m not quite sure anymore, but I believe it was the university of St. Petersburg). The title was(~): why the western wars in the MENA-Region are to blame for the refugee crisis. Why did you send me this shabby bachelor thesis? (Which I never read. Google Translator is not made for 40 pages) Did she really work for the IOM?

3. To prove that I am quite familiar with these forces, I asked – after I did not receive an answer to my application – a few months later if IOM Nuremberg had contact with Rafid Ahmed Alwan al-Janabi aka Curveball. Since he was housed as a refugee in Zirndorf (Nürnberg) and gave hereafter as an informant the wrong information about Saddam Hussein’s WMDs to the BND, which were then passed on to the CIA with misgivings (on both sides of the table), I thought this question would be a fair response to the shabby bachelor thesis. When I asked a woman at the IOM office about Curveball and a possible connection to IOM in the spring of 2019 (1 year had passed since I applied), she simply said: this is classified.
Reverse psychology: yes, since something is classified the IOM-Nuremberg must have had something to do with Curveball.

Conclusion: Yes, I have a strong interest in your organization, and precisely the lady of the IOM Lisbon at the airport of the very same city seemed friendly, however, I would like to have answers to my questions.

This open letter was previously sent to the IOM. They just suggested that I should keep an eye on the vacancies on their site.

Sorry, but I have to work with the facts I have