A terribly nice family – Markus Lintner: The apple does not fall far from the tree, Part I

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„Die Grundform der Herrschaft ist das Racket. […]Die allgemeinste Kategorie der von den Gruppen geübten Funktionen ist der Schutz. Die Gruppen halten die Bedingungen für den Fortgang der Arbeitsteilung, in der sie eine bevorzugte Stelle haben, aufrecht und wehren Änderungen, die ihr Monopol gefährden könnten, gewaltsam ab. Sie sind Rackets. Herrschende Klasse heißt jeweils die Struktur von Rackets aufgrund einer bestimmten Produktionsweise, sofern sie die untersten Schichten gemeinsam beschützen und niederhalten.[…]Wenn eine Organisation so mächtig ist, daß sie ihren Willen auf einem geographischen Gebiet als dauernde Regel des Verhaltens für alle Bewohner aufrechterhalten kann, so nimmt die Herrschaft die Form des Gesetzes an. Dieses fixiert die relativen Machtverhältnisse.
(Max Horkheimer – Der Geist und das Racket)

In most corruption cases, public attention is focused primarily on the politicians involved and their respective counterparts from the private sector (or – like in this case – from foreign dictatorships and their respective oligarch classes). However, hidden parties are always needed to keep the business running:
For example, law firms, trusts or notaries, which register the respective companies and under certain circumstances may even manage them.
Everybody who knows the series „The Wire“, or has been in the respective milieu, knows that lawyers are always the winners within the capital accumulation of the black market. While policemen earn little and gangsters go to jail, the illegally earned money ends up legally in the lawyer’s pockets.
However, in the case of the Line M-Trade, the involvement of the respective lawyer seems to go deeper. The shell company of the Azerbaijani Laundromat, which forwarded corruption money to CDU/CSU politicians and was run by CSU politician Eduard Lintner, had been registered at Auessere Sulzbacher Strasse 155a in Nuremberg. An on-site search revealed that the Law firm of Markus Lintner was also registered at the very same address. He is the son of Eduard Lintner, who is being prosecuted for corruption.
His law firm deals mainly with IT law and consulting. Several attempts to interview him have failed so far. Nevertheless, it can be assumed that Markus Lintner must have something to do with Line M-Trade.
At the same time, together with Silke and Marc Frauenholz as well as Christian Mager, he seems to run a smarthome hotel supply company. The company is currently called HelloGuest Solutions GmbH and was previously called roompad GmbH. Interestingly, roompad GmbH was also merely rebranded. The company was named Deutsch-Aserbaidschansiche Handelsgesellschaft until 13/08/2014. Deutsch-Aserbaidschanische Handelsgesellschaft mbH was registered at Kaeferholzlein 29 in Hessdorf. According to several telephone books, this is the private address* of Markus Lintner and Sandy Grieger.
After the change of name to roompad GmbH, the company was registered at Auessere Sulzbacher Strasse 159, just like the Line M-Trade – the address of Markus Lintners Law Firm. Along with the change of name, the sector of the company, which according to online research is relatively reputable, also changed. Meanwhile, the company is located in a larger office complex near the Confucius Institute at Virchowstrasse 20 in Nuremberg.
Laemmergeierinfo has in this context the following questions:
What is the connection between Markus Lintner, Line M-Trade and the Azerbaijani Laundromat?
Why was his probably relatively reputable company HelloGuest Solutions GmbH once called Deutsch-Aserbaidschanische Handelsgesellschaft mbH
What was the business purpose of the Deutsch-Aserbaidschanische Handelsgesellschaft mbH and what was its relationship with Line M-Trade?
What is the business relationship between HelloGuest Solutions GmbH and hotels in Azerbaijan?

Was his father – Eduard Lintner – able to organize him kleptocratic contracts through his good connections to Aliyev‘?

In an organizational analysis of the Lintner racket, asks these questions in an investigative journalistic way. Markus Lintner threatens us subtle with legal actions.

* According to the telephone book and own research, Eduard Lintner lives at Eichhornstrasse 9 in Muennerstadt.


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He apparently started this DAH once. Then his buddies probably had the idea with the tablets and he simply rebuilt the company. I think DAH and roompad have nothing to do with each other. But you can’t find anything about DAH. Maybe they were exposed at the time and then became more cautious.
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