Special-Material: Shell company list of the Azerbaijan Laundromat according to Deutsche Bank

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According to Deutsche Bank, the Azerbaijan Landromat represents a complex money laundering system, as well as a black budget, which over a period of time (2012-2014) laundered at least USD 2.9 billion in order to conceal the origin and use of the illicit money.
According to press reports, funds from Azerbaijan flowed into the accounts of four central letterbox companies from the UK in favour of a branch of Danske Bank in Estonia. In order to disguise the route of the funds, they were transferred back and forth between the shell companies before the final distribution to the recipients. Among others, the money went to lobbyists, European politicians and other beneficiaries for the purpose of exerting influence, thereby resulting in a favourable outcome for Azerbaijan.
The beneficial owners of the British shell companies were disguised using „offshore“ constructs.
In addition to the companies Hilux Services, LCM Alliance, Polux Management and Metastart Invest mentioned in the press, two further companies, namely Faberlex LP and Riverlane, were identified as shell companies by Deutsche Bank Compliance as part of the transaction analysis of the correspondent bank payments. This correspondent banking relationship with Danske Bank was not dissolved until the end of 2015.
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Shell company list of the Azerbaijan Laundromat according to Deutsche Bank: