Incomplete list of CDU/CSU politicians with preferences for Azerbaijani caviar

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Incomplete list of CDU/CSU politicians* with preferences for Azerbaijani caviar: Florian HahnMarco WanderwitzAlexander FunkJoachim GresEgon JüttnerAxel Fischer Nikolas Löbel Thomas Bareiß Mark Hauptmann Eduard LintnerKarin StrenzMichael FuchsMichael GlosKarl-Georg WellmannGünther Hermann OettingerAndreas SchockenhoffOtto HauserJan MetzlerOlav GuttingPeter BrinkmannJoachim PfeifferPhilipp MißfelderEberhard GiengerHanns-Eberhard SchleyerGuenter NookeCDU Frankfurt The list will be expanded constantly. Hints? Write us: But knows: … Read More

Supporting autocracies or spread democracy? – Part I

Kategorien: Geopolitik, Philosophie

I. IntroductionIn this research paper, the question „Supporting autocracies or spreading democracy?„, the crucial question in the debate between realism and neoconservatism, will be analyzed on the basis of the Syrian conflict. First, a comparison between the two social philosophies is ventured by means of five conflict dimensions, then the differences in their consultance for … Read More