Deutsche Bank & the Problem of Terror Financing

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The close relations between Germany and Iran have been straining transatlantic relations for years. While Iran researches nuclear weapons, Siemens supplies technologies of all kinds. The hypocrisy of the rehabilitated Germans when it comes to their own Saudi Arabia – Iran – cannot be denied. For instance, the special-purpose company Instex was founded with the … Read More

Special-Material: Shell company list of the Azerbaijan Laundromat according to Deutsche Bank

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According to Deutsche Bank, the Azerbaijan Landromat represents a complex money laundering system, as well as a black budget, which over a period of time (2012-2014) laundered at least USD 2.9 billion in order to conceal the origin and use of the illicit money.According to press reports, funds from Azerbaijan flowed into the accounts of … Read More

Offener Brief: Kanzlei Lintner

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Sehr geehrter Herr Lintner, Die Redaktion stellt sich die Frage, warum ihre Kanzlei auf diesselbe Adresse gemeldet ist, wie die Line M-Trade ihres Namensvetters Eduard Lintner. Jene Briefkastenfirma war in die aserbaidschanische Geldwaschmaschine verwickelt und hat Korruptionsgelder über Eduard Lintner an Unions-Politiker weitergeleitet. Da Sie bereits auf zwei Anrufe nicht reagierten, wird diese Mail … Read More

All for the sake of oil? Ines Berger: Azerbaijani gas, multiple sector-clusterfuck & dubious „logistics“ companies

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Raw Version/Analysis SOURCES Brothers in Crime (Berlin). This somewhat dusty hottake by Wolfgang Pohrt has already been used on this blog several times and no research object is better suited for a sociological-qualitative proof of his theses than an analysis of the Azerbaijani Laundromat by a former petty criminal. How much of it is an … Read More

Research Material: All for the sake of oil? Ines Berger: Azerbaijani gas, multiple sector-clusterfuck & dubious „logistics“ companies

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At this point, the research material is published to allow the reader’s own analysis with transparent sources. Comments have been left, but may be ignored. According to Nietzsche, language is a lie anyway and an impermissible abstraction from reality. Pictures, even in the imagination, mediates more truth than the random connection between concepts, letters and … Read More